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Six weeks after obtaining her driving license, young Melati Kusuma lost both legs in a car accident.

“No drugs, no alcohol, just a stupid kid driving too fast”, as she later put it.

The fact that he accepted her in both her forms helped Kusuma to regain confidence in herself. Some weeks later, the MVP clone called KIA started his mad rampage in Fort Hammond.He then confessed to her that he had been employed by the subversive organization all along, and that they had promised him to heal his quadriplegic brother with the formula. However, when Hardball met with with senator Pullman, his HYDRA superior, Komodo came with the Heavy Hitters to arrest the bad guys.She had lied to the Initiative to protect her boyfriend, though, telling them that Hardball had infiltrated HYDRA.The rest of the Desert Stars had been incapacitated during the fight.Thus, Komodo left with the 3-D Man and the Krew to travel to Nevada to help Hardball’s team and find the Skrull infiltrators within the other Initiative teams.

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