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Neni 2 Ky ligj hyn në fuqi 15 ditë pas botimit në Fletoren Zyrtare.

According to this scheme, VAT is not paid at Customs at the moment of import.

The Minister of Finances determines through a guideline the scheme of the payment extension.

Përkthim me shkrim - anglisht THE PARLIAMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA HAS DECIDED: To make the following amendments and changes in Law 7928, dated on April 27, 1995 “Concerning VAT (Value-Added Tax) – Amended: Article 1 In Article 26, “Import of goods”, Item 2.1 will change as follows: 2.1.

For imported equipment and parts, by taxable individuals from the Law’s point of view, in relation to their economic activities, regardless of its type, has a VAT payment extension up to six months applied.

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