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Philippine National Bank is a new bank sa pandinig ko.

I have always been a loyal customer/follower of leading banks such as BPI, BDO and Metrobank and all three banks have their own UITF.

Here are the list of PNB Savings Account that you can choose to open first in order to enroll in the PNB Online Banking System: *Top 3 PNB Savings Account choices for me will be PNBig Savings Account, PNB Passbook Savings and the Super Teller ATM. PNB has a good record based on my research and I don’t know why but I felt love at first sight on their PNB UITF program. I knew that I needed a new investment vehicle for my mutual fund just turn 1 year old and this PNB UITF has a 50% chance, the other 50% is for the health and life insurance that I am still thinking about. The NAVPS that I see on my portfolio on a monthly basis over the whole year that I am investing is between 5.3 to 5.9%.

Now on PNB UITF Funds the highest NAVPU (equivalent of NAVPS for UITF accounts) is 1.7% which I find too low to what I’ve been used to.

Investments are valued using the mark-to-market method and are subject to fluctuations depending on prevailing market conditions.

Historical performance is purely for reference purposes and not a guarantee of future results.

Quick Links Below: LOGIN TO E-BANKING OPEN AN ACCOUNT IN PNB UITF For more details, you can call 573-8888 or visit any PNB branch near you.

When it comes to investing vehicles to ride on, I am so proud that I chose a mutual fund first and foremost.

It gave me such a big experience and big foundation to all the other bigger investments that I will be committing in the future. As seen in their website, PNB UITF makes it hassle-free for current and new investors to invest for their future.

The lowest savings account that PNB offers has the initial opening fee of 100.00pesos but that’s an ATM based account which I don’t need anymore (I have a BPI and Metrobank ATMs already).

So the next choices will be PNBig Savings Account that I need 15,000pesos to open and PNB Passbook Savings wherein I will be needing 10,000pesos to open.

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