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The library source can be downloaded from the controls section.This is a example I made that shows how to add 3x different play features to your application.Updated: Codes were added that shows how to clear all textbox controls on the form except those specified in the source code to skip over or bypass.This is a very simple example of how to check/ping a ip, url, or UNC (Universal Naming Convention) name using the "Is Destination Reachable" Windows API call.IT shows the converted Unix time as UTC and Local based Time.The example displays the Computers current Timezone as well as the Timezone offset compared to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinate or Coordinated Universal Time) Time.

It also uses this value to calculate the clockspeed of the processor in realtime too.

It can return whether it reached the destination successfully, network type available, and the to/from speed when checking the web destination.

VB 05 and 08 already has a nice Ping class for checking web destinations so I would use that class if using those versions.

The library uses the Is Processor Feature Present API to get this information.

This is a example app that shows how to use my cs CPUInfo Basic. The example will return the CPU Vendor, CPU Model, CPU Stepping, Clockspeed, and more.

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